If you're an extraordinary woman and mom entrepreneur, 
including coaches, healers and creatives...

One thing I've heard repeatedly from women in your position 
is that they feel like they are playing catch-up much of the time,
thinking they still have to do X,Y, Z (at the end of the day).
If this sounds familiar to you...

What else is true for you?

  • don't find time for yourself to exercise, eat right, rest, sleep, etc. 
  • juggling your time between work and your children's needs
  • feel overwhelmed like you're under a mountain of stress

 And maybe you:

  • are over-committed or have a lot of drive to work hard
  • feel guilty taking care of yourself
  • have lost your "inner voice" 

You notice that you: 

  • stay up late regularly
  • feel run down much of the time with low energy or exhaustion 
  • neglect your health, saying to yourself, "You should take care of yourself better "or "You should go to bed earlier" or "You should’ve eaten better"

And what you really want instead is: 

  • more energy
  • a sense of peace, joy and freedom
  • get back into alignment emotionally, physically and spiritually 
  • be able to go with the flow and have more fun 

And also have:

  • a daily routine/set schedule 
  • better boundaries around work, kids and self-care
  • freedom to choose what to do with your time

So you can: 

  • connect with your inner voice and intuition
  • be able to relax more and have more fun with your family
  • move forward and focus on your goals
  • serve in the most deep and profound way with the best quality service you can

And best of all,
 taking care of your family
while running your business the way that you want!


If you said "YES" to any of the above -- you're in the right place and you're not alone.




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