Smart and Driven Moms: Take Your Life Back with Love!


Do you feel...

  • pulled in too many directions

  • overwhelmed by everything there is to do
  • exhausted much of the time

  • it's hard to juggle work and family

  • don't have enough time for yourself


But you really want more:   

  • energy for what you need to do

  • time for yourself

  • well-being, health and happiness

  • more self-care

  • cooperation from your kids/husband 

  • create stronger relationships


If you answered "YES" to any of the above, 
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Take Back Your Life with Love!

Spiritual Work/Life Balance
for Smart and Driven Moms"

Your Next 3 Steps
For Less Overwhelm and Stress
And More Time and Energy
So You Can Be Happier and Healthier