I help spiritually-aware entrepreneurs, including coaches and holistic practitioners, who are moms struggling with the 3 O's of Overwhelm, Overdrive and Over-giving. 

They're pulled in different directions between family and business.  Juggling everything they have to do. Feeling like they're under a mountain of stress.  And they don't have time for themselves and their self-care.


Through my intuitive listening, divine connection and unique step-by-step holistic spiritual process that transforms blocks into possibility, these extraordinary women create more alignment, inner peace, joy and freedom to become more of who they truly are.

I'm a wife and mother of “emotionally rich” children, Harvard graduate, coach, yoga teacher and healer.  You could say that I shine the light of my 20+ year transformative healing journey, practicing regularly what I teach.

It's a privilege to guide my clients toward their own personal transformation. 


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