BLOG POST: Authenticity and Entrepreneurship

Authenticity has become such a buzz word and popular topic in the transformational space of coaching and healing.

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I can’t tell you how often I hear clients say, “I want to be my true authentic self.” They want to show up authentically in their presentation, branding, content, offers and so on.

I was so curious about this that I did a Google search: “How can I be my true authentic self” and found 371,000,000 results!

The definition of authenticity according to the Mirriam Webster dictionary is “being true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character”

I wanted to find out what other coaches thought about this so I asked them.

They said: Being authentic is about how I present myself in anything I am doing, it’s how I show up, what I say, how I speak and share. When I’m authentic, everything is easier.

One woman said that being authentic solved her social anxiety that comes with public speaking, whether on stage or in a Facebook live. I’m sensing that when she is in this authentic place, speaking just comes naturally from the heart. She added, “Just be sure the subject matter you are talking about is natural and interesting to you.”

When you are not being authentic, you could find yourself in an echo chamber of repeating exactly what others have said. You end up playing small, hiding and procrastinating.

What gets in the way of being yourself and being true to your own spirit is that mental saboteur that says you’re not enough, that you’re an imposter and a fraud. Or that you’re not likeable and nobody wants to hear what you have to say.

In fact, a heart-centered coach confided in me that he was afraid of showing up because he was worried about what others would think about him. He was afraid that if people really knew him, they wouldn’t like him. Now this is one of the sweetest, soft-spoken and kind people I had ever met.

Part of the problem was that he followed one particular guru in his field that he wanted to model himself after. This vision, thinking he had to be like that guru, really messed him up, leaving him feeling scared and awkward when he showed up online in the social media space, in his content and presentation.

What he needed to do instead was have compassion on those scared and awkward parts of himself that have always been there. I led him through a process where he got in touch with his own inner leader. He saw himself clearly as that powerful entrepreneur.

He left the session deeply understanding that he doesn’t have to keep searching outside of himself for role models for his business. He can embody his own inner leader. He left the session feeling proud, fearless and confident, and ready to move forward in his business from a place of authenticity.

Let me say a little more about those scared and awkward parts that have always been there. Maybe you know these as limiting beliefs or emotional blocks. What we have found is that there is energetic programming in the DNA in every one of us that is designed to hold us back from achieving what we are meant to do. It is designed to prevent us from doing what we are here to accomplish on the planet. 

And now, more than ever, we as purpose-driven entrepreneurs, are being called forward to do the work in the world that we are meant to do. Just like you can delete words from a screen, you can delete layers of this programming through high vibrational healing. Just as the divine put this programming into you, divine healing can take the programming out. 

The client I mentioned had programming that was customized and tailor-made for his soul’s journey. This programming was telling him, you’re not good enough, you’re an imposter and a fraud because you are not Tony Robbins or whoever.

The secret is to start deleting layers of the programming so that you can be free to be your true authentic self and accomplish what you are here to do.

So gone are the days when you have to spend years working through your limiting beliefs or emotional blocks. It’s not about your beliefs. It’s not about your emotions. It’s about energetic programming that manifests as a belief you are convinced is true, such as I am a fraud or beliefs such as I have to work hard to get what I want, or I can’t make time for myself. And so on.

OK, So back to authenticity. Being true to yourself depends upon the fact that you are unique and unlike any other person on the planet, or who has ever been on the planet, including your own past lives.

Authenticity isn’t something you can measure, although technology tries to measure our outer identity with fingerprints and biometric eye scans. The eye scans are actually quite fascinating. Apparently, the veins in the white part of the eyes (sclera) can be imaged when a person looks to either side, providing various patterns. Digital templates are created from these patterns, and the templates are then encoded with mathematical and statistical algorithms.

Personally, I find this fascinating because 1) each eye is unique, 2) the eyes are the windows of the soul, and 3) the soul is a unique part of the divine.

So your authentic self is an expression of your divine essence. When you are in your true authentic self, you express your divine essence, that unique spirit that comes through you as a creation of the Divine.

And where do you see the best example of this?

In children.

Children naturally connect to their authentic self. They haven’t yet developed the defense mechanisms of our negative judgmental voices. The older we get, the more susceptible we are our inner villains and gremlins.

Is there a child you absolutely adore? It could be your own child, a niece, nephew, grandchild, a neighbor.

See the beautiful beingness, the essence, the spirit, the pureness of this child. Now that’s authenticity.