BLOG POST: A Message of Hope for a Rapidly Changing World




Many of us are feeling sadness and grief about the deeply disturbing events that have unfolded around the racial violence and ensuing riots.


I feel great compassion for those whose lives have been affected, not only as someone who loves God’s world, but also as someone for whom ethnic violence nearly cost me my life and the life of my unborn child 18 years ago.


(Afterwards it was said that I was a walking miracle, which is why I'm here today sharing my message with you.)


I might not approach this topic in the same way or on the same level as others do, but I am here to give another perspective. To remind us to go deeper. 


I want to remind you that:


  1. You are first and foremost a divinely-created soul, in human form, no matter how your genetic roulette wheel played itself out when you were born.

  2. You are an important part of a bigger, divine plan.

  3. You were chosen by a loving Creator at this time in history to reveal godliness in the world.

  4. The world needs you now. 


Maybe you are still processing your emotions about these events. If that's the case, then I invite you to notice your emotions, especially when it comes to what race or color you represent here, in your soul’s journey, in this particular time and space.


Are you feeling embarrassed, ashamed or guilty? Proud or grateful? Something else? 


Whatever you are feeling, I encourage you to  be present with yourself -- gently, with compassion and love. 


Our current events are calling out to us: Remember to look beyond the physical, the material, the packaging.


It's reminding you of what you already know -- that this physical world is a home for spirituality. Your body is a home for your soul, which expresses your values, your God-given gifts and talents, your purpose and mission.


So I invite you to reconnect to your passion and your purpose. Why are you here in the world? What are you meant to be doing? How can you do it from a place of more compassion and love? 


When you consciously connect to yourself and others in this way and come from your soulful place, then you will raise up the physical world -- yourself, your family and your community.  You will create a ripple effect that will be felt somewhere in the world. 


I hope this message inspires you to move forward today

to touch those you care about in positive ways

so we can all make the world a better place. 


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